Jonas Kron, the investor of Facebook, makes a call for Mark Zuckerberg to resign as a chairman of Facebook. This is being decided by following a report that some black operations are performed in the social media which may give rise to the public critics. The rumour has been found that Facebook had consulted firm to help Facebook deal with a public relations crisis. Fake news are being posted to maintain a good relation with the public.

In front of media, Jonas Kron had said that the chairman and the CEO should be seperate person. He have put up a statement: “Facebook is behaving like it’s a special snowflake. It’s not. It is a company and companies need to have a separation of chair and CEO.” A thorough review had been done by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer for Facebook using the consulting firm.

Natasha Lamb, another Investor of Facebook of Arjuna Capital have claimed that if Zuckerberg will remain as the chairman then it will be difficult to fix the problems on the website. She says that if one is concentrating on the designation, this may lead to avoiding, hiding and increasing problems in the company which can also be treat for the company. She said that she was not aware of such kind of things happening in the company.

Zukenberg on his recent interview have claimed that he was also not aware about the firms. According to a New York Times investigation this firm are to link Facebook critics to liberal financier George Soros. Sandberg claimed that no Definers have been hired and if also they were hired, he was not knowing it but he should have known it before. A letter is been sent to Zuckerberg which is signed by the authorities and it states that they are going to pay attention on the latest news and also a tough regulation will be done for the social media.



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