Dhanteras: The beginning of Diwali

“Dhanteras” is one of the famous festival that is celebrated by the Indians. According to Hindu mythology, the word “Dhanteras” means “Dhanotrayodashi” which is adopted from Marathi word. This day is celebrated as the beginning of the Diwali festival. This is celebrated as the tribute to the day when Ayoddhya was being decorated to celebrate the returning Lord Rama  from 13 yrs of exile. “Dhanteras” is also known as the “Chota Diwali” in most of the part of India.

Nowadays, Dhanteras is celebrated by cleaning and decorating the homes which are not being cleaned everyday. This festival is specially celebrated in order to drive out the evil spirits and their shadows from the families and their homes. The idol of Goddess Laxmi is being worshipped to bring peace and happiness in every individual’s life. New  utensils, jewelleries or any item of precious metals called as “Dhan” are being bought by people to mark the new wealthy beginning of the life. The houses are decorated with lights, diyas or candles to mark the brightness of the future life. The entrances are decorated with Rangolies to welcome the Goddess of wealth and prosperity inside the house.Varieties of sweets are being made and shared on the day of “Dhanteras”. In many houses, holy songs of God are being sang or played which is known as “Bhajana”.

In different states, Dhanteras is celebrated in different ways. People in Maharashtra will be Make Naivedya with coriander seeds mixed with jaggery. While in South India, Brahmin women will prepare a medicine called as ‘Marundhu’ which is offered to the God and are being taken in the early morning. This event is called by them as ‘Naraka Chaturadashi’. The medicine is believed to be taken in order to keep a healthy body for the human beings. This year November 5 is being marked as the day to celebrate Dhanteras. Like usual years people have prepared themselves to celebrate the day on the same way to bring glory and happiness in their lives.




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