IRCTC VIKALP: New scheme introduced by IRCTC

A step is taken by IRCTC for those people who have reserved the seat in waiting list. This is a scheme that provides only the passengers a confirm seat or birth in an alternative train. This scheme is available for all types of trains and of all classes. This VIKALP provides upto 7 trains for the berth allocations. But for RAC passengers this scheme is not yet implemented.

According to this VIKALP,  there will be neither any extra charges for the allotment to the alternative train nor any refunds. The passenger will be provided an alternative train that will be between 30 minutes to 12 hours of the departure of the original train. The passengers are allocated the birth to the alternative train only if there status is WL after the final chart preparation. those passenger will have the authorisation to show the first SMS provided during booking when they will travel in the alternative train. The passengers are adviced to check there respective PNR after the allocation of the alternate train.

The scheme states that the passengers will be considered as a confirmed one when they will be provided the alternative train. After providing the alternative train if the passenger cancels the ticket, the same rules and regulations will be charged for them as that of confirmed passengers. Those passengers are also not allowed to travel on the original train after the alternate train is allocated. The passenger if does not travel on the alternate train, then they can apply for refunding their money through TDR request. But if there is any difference between the original and the alternate train, there will not be any refunds initiated.

According to this scheme, no alternate birth is  going to be provided to those passengers who are already having a confirmed booking. Through this scheme IRCTC provides a great facility to those people who all were suppose to book another ticket when they were carrying a WL status.



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