Ever since smartphones made the jump from single lens camera to multiple lens cameras with the HTC Evo 3D smartphone in 2011, there’s been no looking back. Companies have continued focusing their research, development and marketing strategy solely on their camera quality these days, more so after the emergence of the worldwide phenomenon of selfies. A freshly leaked image, first published by Chinese outlet ITHome on Thursday, shows a Nokia-branded phone with five rear camera lenses.

It’s not clear why a smartphone would need five camera lenses, but The Next Web reports that the lenses would each have a distinct role, like telephoto, black and white, color, and something it calls “multi-lens pixel synthesis.” The phone also has what appears to be a flash and some sort of focusing apparatus. The device is likely the Nokia 9 or Nokia 10. The phone has both Nokia and Zeiss branding, but there’s a good reason for that: as The Verge explains, HMD Global – a Finnish company that now produces Nokia phones – started working with Zeiss in 2017 to put its camera lenses on Nokia phones.

If this leaked image of a new Nokia phone from HMD is to believed, the company will attempt to push the envelope in smartphone imaging with a penta-lens camera array that looks equal parts Matrix, Ghost In The Shell, Evangelion and the rest. To HMD’s credit, it certainly looks like no other smartphone – at least from the back.


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